Sydneys best wedding photographer

My blogs are designed to give you an idea of the quality and consistency of my photography

across an entire real wedding day. I do not post styled shoots as everything is in your control and doesn't give you a realistic

expectation of what to expect on a wedding day.

Due to respecting the privacy of my couples, I’ll never share their entire gallery as it’s their personal photos and it just doesn’t sit

well with me that people they don’t know sifting through images that don’t mean anything to them, like combinations of family

and friends or private moments that they have shared.

I keep this featured wedding section updated regularly so you can see the style and quality of images from beginning

of the day to the end.

Any photographer can share their best images but I believe that sharing consistent blogs like you’ll see here will give you more than enough confidence and reassurance of my quality of work and what to expect with my style of photography.