The Drone(s)

The most common lens I use for my aerial landscapes is the Laowa 7.5mm f/2 lens, which is super sharp, next to no distortion & an extremely wide field of view. It is equivalent to using a very wide 15mm lens on a 35mm camera, so it's just not possible to recreate this look on the smaller drones most others use or are familiar with, which are locked in at typically 28mm.

The backup Drone is a Mavic Pro 2 -( yes, I even have a backup!!) as far as small Drones go, pretty much the best you can get.

I'll use the Mavic as a backup to the Inspire, or if I need more portability.

warning! Not for the faint hearted

Before I was a photographer, I was an IT engineer. I'm super tech savvy and if you are too, and you'd like to know the nitty gritty of my post production, backups and keeping your files safe, not to mention how I can get your images to you so fast...I've got all the info here just for you :)