Not only do you get a preview of photos to share with family and friends the day after your wedding, but your WHOLE GALLERY is typically ready within 10 days of the wedding! How do I manage this? I was a computer engineer prior to doing wedding photography (many years ago) and am super quick on the computer. I have a huge, very fast editing machine & really enjoy editing the wedding when it’s still fresh in my head. I typically start editing on the Monday after a wedding and post the USB/Box at the end of the week. All because I don't want you to have to wait! #yourewelcome

  • Silent cameras to be completely silent & discrete on a wedding day. The ultimate in candid, natural coverage.
  • No flashes, no distractions.
  • 3 x Canon R5 bodies. Equipped with the RF 15-35/2.8, RF 28-70/2, RF 50/1.2, RF 85/1.2, RF 70-200/2.8
  • Fuji GFX100s 102 megapixel medium format. With the 23/4, 45/2.8, 80/1.9, 110/2 lenses. For very selective use - but oh, so awesome.
  • The Drone

    The drone is included, and not an additional extra. I believe it's an essential part of my kit, and I love the results! Offering 3 drones, the DJI Inspire 2 and Mavic Pro 2 and the DJI mini 3 Pro - I'll have the right drone for the right location. I don't know of anyone in Australia using the Inspire 2 Drone at weddings. It has incredible image quality from the air.

    Your Images

  • I do not downsize any images. You get every image full size high res free from any logos or watermarks. You get a TON of photos. I will only delete the odd junk photo (say, where someone stepped in front of me or the photo is out of focus) and give you the rest, ready to print- Typically over 1000 images.
  • Full Set of Black and White as well as colour images. Many photographers make "some" of your images B&W, discarding the colour versions. This is an utter mystery to me. It's just file space at the end of the day, and I want you to be in control of the images you love.
  • You'll get the full resolution of the camera system I'm using at the time.
  • Secure, indefinite archiving of images if you ever lose them and need another copy down the track. Ex computer network engineer here, your images are SAFE and thoroughly backed up.
  • Prints & Framing

  • You'll receive a selection of 8 x10 prints with your USB presented in a keepsake wooden box. Enough to put some on your wall and to share some with family and friends.
  • An enlargement will arrive couriered to your door, a stunning 16x24" in a custom modern black frame printed on art gallery level paper. It's your choice of image. Once you painstakingly choose which image to print, expect to receive this generally within 4 weeks.
  • All couples receive both the box and an enlargement, whether you have had 6 hours for 12 hours, everyone gets it :)
  • No Travel Fees

    There are zero travel fees within 3 hours of my home in Wollongong. Having a Tesla, I also don't need to pay for petrol to save passing on yet another expense! If you are more than 3 hours away in NSW, only accommodation will need to be added on. For interstate and international weddings; flights and accommodation are additional.

    All you have to do is decide how many hours you require

    that suits your wedding day

    best wedding photographer, south coast wedding photographer
    South Coast wedding photographer

    I know when you are in the initial wedding planning process, that all your vendors require a booking fee.

    I don't want to make it a stressful time for you , so I have different payment options to

    choose from so you can secure your date before someone else does.

    Your booking fee is payable via 3 ways;

    One off payment of $1000

    Two installments of $500, over two months

    Four installments of $250, over four months

    Bank Transfer, Credit Card or Cash options.

    Let me know which option you would like when you get in touch.

    If you are unsure of your timeline and the hours you require, book in 6 hours and you can adjust

    when I finalise your timeline for you.