Where are you based at/where do you shoot?

I’m based near Wollongong, NSW but that’s just where I live 🙂 I travel everywhere for weddings!

I fly & drive long distances all the time for weddings. I do mostly shoot weddings in the Southern Highlands in NSW, but also to many other places, such as Blue Mountains / Hunter Valley / Melbourne / Adelaide / Queensland / New Zealand & so on – wherever your wedding is, please get in touch!

Do you take hipster photos?

No I don’t! This means your wedding photographs will actually have you looking happy in them, and not looking bored/asleep/depressed on your wedding day. I take photographs full of happiness and emotion, and this incredibly boring fad of hipster photography of couples standing in a grassy field looking bored will be surely gone in a few years.

In addition, my photographs are edited by myself, and not outsourced to cheap editing farms. I have painstakingly created my own image editing presets, and don’t use the same old presets (VSCO, Tribe) that so many others use. This is why my photographs are bright & vibrant, and not dark and tinged with brown in an attempt to look artistic.

Lastly, every couple you see on my website & instagram are real couples – not models. There are other photographers (who shall remain unnamed!) who do “styled shoots” with beautiful young, slim couples (sometimes professional models!) where they can choose the exact location & perfect time of day to get some photographs for their website.

The real test of a photographer is at a real wedding day, with real couples and across varied lighting conditions.

How long after the wedding until I get my photographs, and how do I get them?

You get your carefully edited photos on both an online gallery plus USB 10 days after the wedding. The online gallery & USB both have the full high resolution files – print size. The USB comes in a beautifully presented box with a stack of prints inside.

The reason you get your photos within 10 days is I was a computer engineer prior to doing wedding photography (many years ago) and am super quick on the computer. I have a huge, very fast editing machine & really enjoy editing the wedding when it’s still fresh in my head. I typically start editing on the Monday after a wedding and post the USB/Box at the end of the week.

Do you use a Drone?

Yes, I was literally one of the first guys in Australia and probably world wide to have a serious crack at using a Drone for wedding photography. I use real serious ones, not toy ones – A monster DJI Inspire 2 with X5s camera & several lenses. In addition, I use the drone to get angles that I would like to get a normal camera at, and I don’t use it for the sake of being a Drone. This means you’ll get real photographs out of it you would love to print on your wall – and not nonsense like couples looking like stick figures lying on their back on train tracks looking straight up.

The Drone realistically is only up for a couple of minutes throughout the whole wedding day, but those fleeting few shots are extremely unique and give an amazing look to some special shots.

To the best of my knowledge, I’m the only guy in Australia (and maybe the world) using the big DJI Inspire for wedding photography. And yes, I have the necessary licencing for it (RePL + ReOC).

Describe your photography?

I’m a super candid photographer. Most of the day is completely documentary style. I shoot a TON of photographs throughout the day and aim to get every moment in front of me. I’m obsessive about the equipment used and use the very best available to me, with stunning lenses that are full of warm colour & stunning background rendering.

In the “location shoot” between the ceremony & reception I’ll set you guys up against beautiful backdrops, but I keep the photography super natural, with stacks of laughter and involving your bridal party. I keep this part of the day super short – I’d much prefer you to spend your day with your family & friends rather than spending hours away from them.

I’m experienced enough and super quick – I only need a short amount of time with you after the ceremony to give you some amazing shots for your wall at home. The rest of the day I get a huge buzz from taking beautiful candids with real moments.

I very, very rarely use flash and 99.9% of all my photographs are completely natural light, and carefully edited to give warm skin tones & beautiful vibrant colours.

Is this your full time job?

Yes, and for over 10 years and hundreds of weddings now!

What size are the files that we get?

You get the absolute maximum resolution of whatever camera I am using at the time. Go and print them as big as you like!

Do you do preshoot / engagement shoots??

Yes, I try to include them with every couples package (a bit hard with destination weddings though!). They are super quick, & fun, and there are some amazing photo locations I know down my way to take you to. Hair & makeup with Michelle can be organised as well.

How discrete are you on the wedding day?


I am obsessed with being as quiet & discreet as I can. Most of my couples tell me they don’t even notice me throughout the ceremony & most of the day. I use specialised cameras that can shoot literally silent all day long (Sony A9’s).

Years ago I used to use the large Canon 1 series cameras that you often see photographers using at sports events. They are beautiful cameras, but firing the shutter on them sounds like cracking eggs! I always felt conspicuous in a quiet ceremony (such as a church wedding) using these cameras. Technology has caught up & surpassed these, and you no longer need an enormous camera with a noisy mirror inside it to take stunning photographs.

In addition, I have several long lenses, which means I can stay quite a distance away at most times of the day. Shooting completely candidly, grabbing beautiful shots without people even knowing about it is a real buzz!

Do I get Black & White photographs?

Yes. Every couple with me gets a full set of colour & B&W photographs.

Whenever I make a file black & white, you will always get the colour version as well.

Some photographers will make a selection of your photographs B&W, discarding the colour versions of those photos. I just don’t understand this mentality for the life of me. It’s one of the amazing advantages of digital that we get to take the photo in colour – and then make a B&W version if we want to, and aren’t locked into a specific look through a roll of film like in the old days.

I’m very careful with my B&W edits, and love ones with dark inky blacks, with big contrast levels. I’m not a fan of the faded “grey & white” look. A black should be a black! 🙂

What do you wear to a wedding?

I come looking professional to a wedding. No ripped jeans or baseball caps here or hipster hobo like looking outfits. I’ll typically wear suit pants, a collared shirt & a suit jacket. My intention is to blend in at your wedding.

What equipment do you use?

This is one for the tech nerds 🙂 Most people can ignore this bit!

I use 3 x Sony A9’s (silence & no blackout viewfinder is unbelievable for candids). Lenses are 24/1.4, 35/1.4, 50/1.4, 85/1.4, 50/0.95, 135/1.8 and a constantly evolving vintage lens kit based off old m39 & m42 lenses from the past to get wicked lens flare in the right scenario.

My favourite lens is the Sony 85 1.4 GM which is just unbelievably good.

The drone is usually a DJI Inspire 2 with X5s camera & a few lenses. I use a Mavic 2 Pro as a backup but will always use the Inspire where possible. Both drones are in special cases where they are stored fully assembled so they can be up in the air super fast with near zero setup time.

Editing is very carefully done on a custom built workstation (I was a computer engineer before photography) with 16 cores @ 4.7ghz, 128gb DDR4-3200, and stuffed full of ultra fast PCIe Gen4 SSD’s. Files are religiously backed up to an external NAS running Raid6 and also to an offsite cloud provider (yay for fibre to the premises!).

I edit using a combination of Photo Mechanic, Capture One, and Photoshop. I don’t use Lightroom as these days it’s a bloated slow mess of a thing and Capture One is lightning fast with great skin tones.

Memory cards are copied then placed in a safe and not touched until my couple get their USB. I generally have 5 copies at all times which is a bit overkill but thats ok by me when it comes to important files.

The editing monitor is a Benq 27″SW2700, calibrated weekly with an Xrite i1 display. The other monitor is an Alienware 34″ultrawide which is not colour accurate in the slightest but is incredibly productive for day to day app use with multiple windows side by side. And it looks amazing playing Doom when the kids are asleep late at night. Anything editing wise is always done on the other monitor.

My laptop for portable edits is a Surface Pro 7. I also calibrate the display on it so during downtime at wedding receptions (during mains) I quickly copy over the photos taken so far and pick out some highlights to send to the couple the next day.