What's the Booking process?

All the info you need is here to make it as easy as possible for you.

Fill in the contact form and I'll get back to you ASAP, generally within the hour ( if I'm not at a wedding!)

Remember it's best to have a few dates if you can to run by my availability to avoid disappointment. Happy to chat via email, text, phone, zoom or in person.

If I'm available on your date, I'll send you a booking link that gives you access to your own portal to check the booking details, sign the contract and you can even manage your payments and invoices.

To secure your date with me, a booking fee of $1000 is payable at this stage as one sum or two instalments over 2 months or four instalments over 4 months. Payable by bank transfer or credit card with no credit card fees. Your final balance is due 4 weeks before your actual wedding day.

I'll help you plan your run sheet so you get the most out of having me there for your day- and aren't paying for hours you don't need. You'll spend way more time celebrating with your guests than doing photos, I promise.

The day after the wedding you'll receive a preview of images, and 10 days later you'll receive your entire gallery. Fully edited and ready to share with family and friends.

Your USB + Prints box will also be sent, or you can opt for delayed postage if you are going on an extended honeymoon.

You will receive instructions on ordering any enlargements or albums at this time and these take up to 8 weeks after confirmation.

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How long after the wedding do we get our images?

Spoiler : 10 days!

Where are you based & do you travel?

I’m based near Shellharbour, NSW but that’s just where I live.

I travel anywhere & everywhere for weddings!

Even though you'll find me mostly shooting weddings in Bowral / Southern Highlands, Berry, Kangaroo Valley and the beautiful South Coast of NSW, I really love to visit unique venues whether it be a private property in the middle of no where, the incredible Blue Mountains, the scenic hills of wine regions like Mudgee, Orange or the Hunter Valley, and have been lucky enough to have visited Adelaide Hills, New Zealand, Fiji, Far North Queensland, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula, and even the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and Gold Coast. It's such a blast visiting somewhere new whether it be interstate or international. Wherever your wedding is, if you know I'm the right fit for you, please get in touch and we will make it happen!

You get your carefully edited photos on both an online gallery plus USB 10 days after the wedding. The online gallery & USB both have the full high resolution files – print size. The USB comes in a beautifully presented box with a stack of prints inside. I do not rush your edits- This fast turnaround time is the result of my extensive experience, my superior post production workflow and the fact that wedding photography is my full time job. I was a computer engineer prior to doing wedding photography and I have built a very fast editing machine ( see tech specs) & really enjoy editing the wedding when it’s still fresh in my head. I typically start editing on the Monday after a wedding and post the USB/Box at the end of the week. No 4-6 week waits here!

What's your style of photography?

Do you edit your own images?

My photographs are edited by myself, and not outsourced to any third party company.

I have painstakingly created my own image editing presets, which is why my images look so different to the vast majority. This is why my photographs are bright & vibrant, and not dark and tinged orange / brown and with the greens all faded to grey. I believe, a green should be a green. Not a washed out version of what it looked like. Same applies to a brides makeup shot! Pink lipstick will photograph and edit pink, not brown! Having create my own editing presets gives me the greatest amount of consistency and quality control over your images from start to finish.

I hope that by the time you are reading this, you have a feel for the natural and candid yet scenic aspect of my photographic style.

I am happily married myself and truly value wedding photos that have you looking elated, and in love. I will not take ( and will more than likely delete) any images of you looking bored/asleep/depressed on your wedding day.

Every couple you see on my website & instagram are real couples – not models. Styled shoots with beautiful young, slim couples (sometimes professional models!) where they have been set up in the exact location & perfect time of day I don't believe reflects the real skill of a photographer. It's incredibly trivial to get amazing shots in these environments. I believe, the real test of a photographer is at a real wedding day, with real couples and across varied lighting and weather conditions.

Do I get black and white images as well?

Is the drone included or extra?

Yes. Every couple with me gets a full set of colour & B&W photographs.

Whenever I make a file black & white, you will always get the colour version in addition as well.

Some photographers will make a selection of your photographs B&W, discarding the colour versions of those photos. I just don’t understand this mentality for the life of me. It’s one of the amazing advantages of digital that we get to take the photo in colour – and then make a B&W version if we want to, and aren’t locked into a specific look through a roll of film like in the old days.

I’m very careful with my B&W edits, and love ones with dark inky blacks, with big contrast levels. I’m not a fan of the faded “grey & white” look. A black should be a black!

The drone is included in my photography. I was literally one of the first guys in Australia and probably world wide to have a serious crack at using a Drone for wedding photography. I use real serious ones, not toy ones – A monster DJI Inspire 2 with X5s camera & several lenses. In addition, I use the drone to get angles that I would like to get a normal camera at, and I don’t use it for the sake of being a Drone. This means you’ll get real photographs out of it you would love to print on your wall.

The Drone realistically is only up for a couple of minutes throughout the whole wedding day, but those fleeting few shots are extremely unique and give an amazing look to some special shots.

To the best of my knowledge, I’m the only guy in Australia (and maybe the world) using the big DJI Inspire for wedding photography. And yes, I have the necessary licencing for it (RePL + ReOC).

I hate being in front of the camera, how can you help?

What are the size files that we get?

You get the absolute maximum resolution of every image of whatever camera I am using at the time. Go and print them as big as you like! Your files come on a 32GB USB so there is no downsizing of any image, ever.

It REALLY gets to me when I see this happening in the industry. True story, a few years ago I was approached by a couple who were so unhappy with their photographer and the poor quality images they were given, they weren't even salvageable with editing, being shot in only 2 megapixels! I was astounded! Needless to say I was able to give them some great images with a fun shoot one afternoon, but it still wasn't their wedding day. So getting it right first go is super important.

I would say only a handful of people have been 'comfortable' in front of the camera!

Two things come into play here. My experience and past shooting or magazines and learning techniques to converse with you so you just enjoy your time together, while I grab some gorgeous candids I know you'll love, but even more importantly, this is where the silent cameras are best used. The clicking noise can make you feel nervous and self conscious. Making you laugh, and helping you relax on the day will always result in beautiful, happy images. The fact that we don't need to spend hours doing photos helps too! You don't need to worry about it. I've got your back!

Do you do same sex weddings?

We are eloping! Can you help?

I welcome whole hardheartedly the opportunity to work with same sex couples and believe everyone has the right to a wonderful marriage. I am not tied to any religious beliefs and endeavour to make you both feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera on the day.

Yes! My wife and I eloped so I absolutely get the desire for an intimate ceremony that reflects the two of you, or a small gathering. Teaming up with my hair + makeup artist wife Michelle elope in style and with ease- We can even be your witnesses!

Includes Hair and makeup for the bride and 2 hours of photography.

I can help you plan the day to maximise the chances of getting those ever sought after golden

sunset shots :)

You'll receive your images within 5 days, and includes my signature USB box and prints/framed enlargement.

Elopement packages are available Monday- Wednesday and are $2800

Is this your full time job?

Weddings are my main game and my full time career choice.

After an initial start to photographing fashion for ACP magazines I was asked to do a friends wedding, and the rest is history.There is something about capturing couples on their day and giving them incredible memories that got addictive. I enjoyed it much more than being in a studio shooting repetitive fashion work.

Whether you are planning a tiny elopement, are on your parents 100 acre property in the middle of nowhere or have a lavish affair with all the traditions to keep the parents happy, there is nothing that I cant do for you or haven't seen before.

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Is your planning process feeling more like a battle of table tennis?

It can be overwhelming with so much to choose from these days.

Having the right amount of photographic coverage is really important so you don't miss out on what matters most to you and your partner, as its not just about what you have planned for the day, but the people that are there to help you celebrate. I've created an example timeline to help get you started, or you can give me a call and we can chat it over so you know we won't miss a thing.

Show me an example

Wedding Timeline

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