I 100% agree that you need to double check I'm a real person.

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Like many of my couples, I also don't like having my photo taken :)

I totally get it when my couples say "we hate being in front of the camera" and I wholeheartedly get it. Neither to do I, which is why I chose a profession behind the lens ...:)

But you know what? You want great wedding photos, right? And that's exactly what you've got me there to do for you on the day.

I know you'll be out of your comfort zone a little but putting your trust in me as your photographer that gets it, I promise to make it the quickest, most fun time possible. My approach is to set the scene, and give you guys a moment to share together, whether that be in a quiet field or in front of an awesome sunset. Soaking in the day that's just flown on by. A quick round of snaps and you'll be back celebrating with your loved ones in no time.

"His comfortable and inviting demeanor, people skills and ability to make us laugh

played a huge part of our day".

-Kelsie Latham-

I'm crazy about my family

Pictured here with my wife Michelle, who I am absolutely crazy about ( and I'm lucky enough she's crazy about me too!) We are coming up to 10 years married and 11 years together in 2022!

She introduced me to coffee, wine and food I'd never had before and she never disapproves of me buying new toys like drones, TV's and computer gear. I introduced her to scuba diving, fast cars and computer gear, so it's a really balanced marriage! ;-) We have two beautiful girls and she's an incredible step mum to my son, and we love exploring new parts of the south coast together on warm sunny days when the kids are at school!!

"He brings with him not only his passion for all things photography, but a cheeky personality that instantly relaxes you and puts you at ease".

Lauren Reiners

In my downtime you'll find me...

Ok. So here it is, all out on the table.

Yes, I'm a self confessed computer head. I love building & tinkering with computers, and one reason why you get your photos so fast it's the outrageously over the top editing PC's I have built here.

I've been building computers & tinkering with electronics since I was 8 years old.

While it's rare these days, I must admit I do enjoy the odd game of Doom, Tetris Effect, and my latest toy is a VR headset which, is just freaking cool.

I'm a Coffee addict...

giotto coffee machine, gavin cato photography

There is something about my morning coffee that fires me up, and one in the afternoon that's ever so rewarding! It's true, Michelle had to twist my arm to drink coffee... I hated the stuff when we first met. But I was actually curious as to why so many people love it, and was interested in what I was missing out on. Turns out, I don't like CRAP coffee..... haha :) Over extracted, burnt, flavourless coffee.... well, that's a no go.

So, I did my research, and installed my very own plumbed in Giotto Rocket into my kitchen benchtop. Alongside that, we have beans delivered fresh every week to help feed the addiction.

bendooley in the rain

Don't stress about the things you can't control...

Michelle would say that this is my life motto...and its true. I consider myself to be a no stress , no time for bullshit kind of guy.

No point stressing abut the things you cant control. On your wedding day, you can't control the weather, but you can rest assured you'll still look the best you ever have, and that you'll be married to your best friend by the end of it!

Enough about me.

Now I want to know about you!

i want you to photograph

our wedding Gav!