My specialty & gift is in photographing beautiful couples in love, in natural candid style at beautiful wedding venues, relaxing country properties, estates & vineyards. If you are looking for a non obtrusive photographer, who shoots in a timeless natural style discretely and using natural light, I’m the perfect fit for you.


I limit myself to a low number of weddings each year to ensure that my couples get my absolute undivided attention, and I will not only be there on the day as your photographer, but I will be there throughout the whole process to help you plan your day and ensure it is a beautiful stress free wedding, free of the hindrances of forced unnatural wedding photography. Click here to get in touch as soon as possible to reserve your date.


I’m available to shoot your wedding all over Australia, and welcome enquiries from overseas as well. I’ve shot hundreds of weddings, and am very experienced in doing what I love, which is capturing beautiful timeless moments naturally & candidly.


I’m so obsessive about being discrete on your wedding day, that I carry specialised cameras that are so quiet & unobtrusive that during the ceremony and candid moments, you are more likely to hear the teardrops of your partner hitting the ground, rather than intrusive camera noises. In the afternoon, when we shoot some location shots, I use carefully selected vintage lenses to achieve beautiful looks that modern camera systems miss out on.


At your wedding I put in an incredible amount of effort. I don’t stop all day, and am always looking for ways to get every last bit out of the day photographically. Whether that means climbing up a tree, lying on the ground, wading through water or just simply grabbing you out of the reception late at night for a magical sunset – I’m always looking.


With the experience of over 10 years and hundreds of weddings behind me, I’m well equipped to handle any possible situation at your wedding. From the brightest of days to late at night with nothing more than the light from some sparklers, I’ll instinctively know what to do to capture your precious memories perfectly.


I go the extra mile with photography, and am always looking for ways to improve, and always researching amazing locations & vantage points. I will work with you to plan the most amazing photography locations.


I’m a hopeless coffee addict, and would love to catch up & have a chat to get to know each other better. If we live a bit away from each other, I’m happy to do video calls to couples anywhere. I’ll do everything I can to make photography an absolutely beautiful experience for you.

Please get in contact with me by filling out the below form, or feel free to call me on 0434 512 561.