Hair & Makeup Artists

Having a GREAT hair and makeup artist is by far one of the most under rated things on a wedding day. It baffles me how so much of the budget can go into other areas of the day, including photography, but when it comes to how you look on the day... well, my tip is to have a great hair and makeup artist to bring the whole look together for you! Great hair and makeup is worth every cent because while I can photograph what I see, I want you to be happy with how you look in your photos too!

Easy for me to say, as I happen to be married to an incredible hair and makeup artist. We were both in the wedding industry before we met, and her wealth of experience constantly blows me away!

Slightly bias and yes I'm married to her, but Michelle has been in the game a long time, (even before we started dating!) and she's truly AMAZING at what she does, so of course I'm going to give her first plug.

Best part is when I'm off to a wedding shes working on, I know the girls are going to look sensational (even at the end of the night!) the bride will be relaxed and ready on time. Huge ticks in my books! Oh and my brides simply love her!

We love working on the same weddings so make your day a #teamcato day if you can!

Specialising in asian bridal makeup & hair, Sydney based and services Southern Highlands. Sophie is amazing at what she does. Her hands work like magic!

Gem & her team are based in Sydney that travel anywhere you need them and are great for those larger bridal parties!

makeup & Hair by michelle cato