Thank you so much for your interest in booking me for your wedding!

Though I mostly am to be found in Bowral & the Southern Highlands, I travel everywhere for weddings, so if you don’t live near  me, I will chat to you by phone, email or skype. I’d say more than half of my couples book me from a distance 🙂

Every booking I get, I’m hugely grateful & flattered that I’ve been chosen to document someone’s special day. This is not marketing BS, I truly get a huge buzz knowing that a couple has picked me, out of the literally thousands of other photographers out there. I work immensely hard at what I do, and am always striving at self improvement.

Why pick me for your wedding?

  • I’m very experienced. I have been shooting weddings since 2004, and took things really seriously from 2006, going full time in 2009. I’ve been to literally hundreds of weddings and am prepared to handle any situation at a wedding. From the bright blazing skies of a beach wedding, to dark night time weddings – I can handle everything.
  • I’m super discrete at a wedding. I’m an extremely unobtrusive & candid photographer, and blend in with everything. I use very quiet cameras (they can actually be fully silent), and dress like your guests. Couples tell me all the time they don’t even notice me during those candid moments!
  • I’m somewhat a wedding coordinator as well as a photographer. Because of many years in the industry, I  have built wonderful relationships with many wedding vendors. I can recommend trusted vendors to you for any aspect of the wedding, and I will work with you to create an amazing timeline for your wedding. I will help you with any aspect of the wedding, whether photography related or not. This is why I limit the number of weddings I do each year, to give each couple plenty of dedicated attention.
  • I’m super technical. I was a computer engineer prior to becoming a photographer and very fluent with backups and safe data practices. I’ve never lost a single photo in all my weddings, and have multiple backups including offsite cloud storage. Your photographs are safe! I am that photographer that other photographers come to when they lose images for technical help.
  • I’m fanatical about using beautiful high end gear. I use extremely high end camera bodies & lenses that many other photographers just can’t justify the cost of. I’m also quick to embrace new technologies.
  • I’m the only guy in Australia using a big DJI Inspire Drone to add a extra dimension to your wedding photographs.
  • I do everything in house. Many photographers these days outsource their editing – sometimes to overseas editing companies who do it extremely cheaply. I shoot every wedding myself, and edit every wedding myself. I’m very particular with editing and really enjoy & get a kick out of editing.
  • You get a TON of photos. I will only delete the odd junk photo (say, where someone stepped in front of me or the photo is out of focus) and give you the rest, all touched up & edited ready to print. It’s not uncommon for my couples to get back 1200-2000 odd photos.
  • The best part? I have your photos ready within 10 days of the wedding.