Every wedding couple with me gets the full resolution, edited files on USB plus an online gallery. These are ready within 10 days of the wedding.

You’ll get the absolute full resolution files that the cameras produce. Typically this will be on a 16gb or 32gb USB stick in a beautifully presented wooden box.

You also get a online gallery up with the same high resolution files for a minimum of 12 months – the USB is more for long term storage. I’ll also keep your photographs here backed up for years.

Many photographers these days are switching to online only galleries. I prefer to give my couples something tangible to take with them, and so in addition to the beautiful files on the USB & gallery, you will get a selection of professionally printed shots printed on archival quality photographic paper.

If that’s not enough, you will also get a complete set of colour plus black & white photographs – i.e. you will get a full set of each.

Every image is perfectly adjusted and edited on a calibrated editing machine, by a obsessive perfectionist! (me).