The Grounds of Alexandria

Sydney Wedding Photographer

The Grouds of Alexandria when it’s not hosting a wedding is a GREAT place to come for a Coffee and something to eat – it’s a beautiful little spot that would look great anywhere, but happens to be only a few minutes out of Sydney.

At night, as a wedding venue it’s absolutely stunning. Fairy lights everywhere – even when not lavishly styled with flowers it still looks amazing. It’s probably one of the prettiest night time venues I know of.

Speaking of florists – the onsite florist there “Florals by Silva” would comfortably be one of the best florists I’ve ever seen. Their work is just perfection.

The ceremonies there are technically challenging as a photographer due to low light (which I personally love) but the payoff is well worth it. The result end photos – incredible. Not many places exist where you can do your ceremony under fairy lights, then do a first dance in the same spot later that night.

I’ve been hugely flattered by the Grounds using my photography very prominently on their website. Because I mostly shoot in the country and Southern Highlands, I don’t often do Sydney weddings but when I get a wedding for the Grounds I’m always extremely happy 🙂 Technically challenging photography is very much my thing, and shooting at night in relatively low light without using flash lighting is right up my alley.

You can visit the Grounds website at