Sam & Katlin’s Byron Bay Wedding

Another amazing Byron Bay wedding!

What a incredible day this was. We were battered with every type of weather, from scorching sun & high winds during the ceremony to getting some patches of beautiful soft light from storm clouds (and a bit of rain for good measure) in the afternoon. As I took the plane up there the day before the prediction was thunderstorms but thankfully everything worked out beautifully.

Sam & Katlin lead a interesting life where they don’t actually have a normal full time job like most people, instead volunteering their time to help anyone they can – both here and overseas. A truly incredible feat in this day and age!

I had already had the privilege of photographing their friends Robbie & Mel in Canberra a year or so earlier, and Robbie was part of the bridal party.

The ceremony was at a lovely little patch on the beach then we just pretty much drove around to a few spots that I had researched the day before and with the help of the driver – with the highlight being the incredibly scenic rolling hills as the storm clouds rolled past. Magic!

Sam & Katlin are just super fun to be around. They are nothing but smiles all the time and it was a real blast spending this day with them. I hadn’t shot a wedding at Byron before and now that I have it’s definitely one of my favourite destinations!



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