Rochelle & Steve’s South Coast Mountain Ridge Wedding

What A beautiful day. I had a wonderful preshoot with these guys and knew that their Mountain Ridge wedding would be a blast! These two guys are so happy to be with each other – it was an amazing privilege being there the whole day.

One of my favourite photos ever was taken at this wedding, an amazing shot of them leaving with sparklers held over the top of them. I organised the heck out of this shot! Spend a good 10 mins making sure everything was lined up properly before letting them run away 🙂

The beautiful (and very hot) church was at Meroo Union Church at Meroo Meadow, not far from Berry. It’s been there for over 125 years! Of particular amusement to me was the minister conducting the service had a gopro video camera strapped to his jacket, a first for me in nearly 10 years of wedding!

Rochelle had the great idea if getting an ice cream van to the ceremony, given it was stinking hot it went down great! We then headed off to the reception at the beautiful Mountain Ridge Winery and I stopped them a couple of times on the way where I saw some spots we could use for photos.

Just a great day, I’m thrilled with these shots. I’m going to print the sparkler photo to some ridiculously big print & enter it in the yearly wedding contests, it’ll look magic.




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