Nikki & Buzz, Sublime Point, Wollongong

When  I first met Nikki and Buzz it was for their pre shoot at the beginning of the year with their adorable 12 week old puppy Harry. We had such a great afternoon that I knew the wedding day would be just as fun. Harry is now 10 months old and the day wouldn’t have been complete without his presence there!  This super spoilt family member was on his best behavior all day!

A few weeks ago, we got together to discuss the day and Buzz being a surfer, wanted to capture this on the wedding day as well. It has been crazy windy in Wollongong this week, so I was really relieved to see that the wind had died down for their day and the beaches were not closed like they have been! It also meant that the drone made an appearance! 😉

Normally I’m well dressed when I turn up to a wedding, because, it’s your wedding day after all and I would never rock up in shorts and a t-shirt! But for this shoot, I wanted to jump in the water to capture the boys on their boards, which was a heap of fun and certainly wasn’t doing it my wedding attire, even though the boys did! (Ok, it wasn’t their actual wedding suits 🙂 ) I love the drone shots from above in this sequence as well!

After the fun in the sun with the boys, I arrived at the girls place. Here, it’s obvious they have had a fun, super relaxed morning and Michelle is just putting the final touches on the girls hair and makeup and everyone looks amazing! And those flowers! What a bouquet!

The day unfolded before my eyes so  naturally it was a dream to capture so many amazing candid moments. Something I’m finding that my silent cameras are so great for! This super relaxed couple enjoyed every moment with their loved ones and I love being able to deliver a gallery like this, the day after the wedding 🙂


Nikki and Buzz, thanks so much for having both Michelle and I there! It was a blast!