My Incredible 2019 Couples!

2019, what a year you have been!

I have had the pleasure of capturing happy memories for 75 couples at so many amazing locations and this year has taken me to Bowral and the Southern Highlands, Kangaroo Valley, Berry and South Coast, Armidale, Canberra, Wagga, Coffs Harbour, Blue Mountains, Wollongong, Hunter Valley, Sydney and NSW country in between!

At the end of every year, I find it near impossible to choose my “best” images- After all, I’m sifting through about 150,000 images! Typically, the images that stand out are the ones I generally post on instagram- the highlight shots of the day with golden sunsets and vast open fields and of course, landscape style shots from my trusty enormous Inspire 2 drone that has become a piece of ‘necessary’ kit for me in 2019 🙂

This year, I wanted to things differently and instead  of choosing what I believe were my best or favourite images, I wanted to pay tribute to each of the 75 couples because I’ve honestly had such an awesome year and each of them have contributed to it.

I’ve now been shooting weddings since 2004, starting off casually as a weekend job because I just loved taking photographs in general. In 2009 I quit my high profile IT job at Nexon Asia Pacific to pursue weddings as my full time career. 2020 will be my 16th year shooting weddings and I’ve lost count how many weddings I’ve now been a part of or how many images I’ve taken- It’s well into the millions that’s for sure!

The biggest question I get is “tell me some horror stories” and while there have been a few over the years from a groom not showing up to the ceremony, family members intoxicated to the hills, to a bridesmaid and 2 groomsmen (yes, x2) getting it on in a back room… these stories are very few and far between, and that the wedding days I find myself spending every weekend at, are filled with love, laughter and families coming together to celebrate love in whatever way, shape or form that may be.

I’ve always wanted to keep my wedding photography real, happy and capturing the moments and emotions of the day. I’ve never been into dark and moody photography for weddings and staying true to that is why I love my job so much.  I want my couples to look back on their memories and really see that while it was probably one of the most expensive days of their lives, it was totally worth it because the smiles on their faces say it all! I see happiness, I capture it. And as a result, my couples end up with an incredible amount of happy images that showcase the true meaning of their day and their marriage.

This collection of images below, is one image from EVERY wedding I’ve been a apart of this year. A massive THANK YOU to all of my amazing couples, it’s been a blast.

Bring on 2020!

Cheers, Gav