Being the huge gadget freak that I am, I’m always on the lookout for new “toys” (as my wife puts it) to get different angles on photography for my couples.

Recently “drones” have become an amazing tool to get a camera in hard to get to places, and can really add an amazing, unique element to your wedding photographs. Though common in the video world, not many guys currently use them for still photographs, at time of writing this I’m one of only a small handful of guys using them.

The guys that do use them, typically opt for the very small & cheap Drones that lose out in the picture quality department by using smaller cameras. Being a bit crazy, I don’t mind hauling big gear around so use a larger one, called a “Phantom 4 Pro”. It also has the inbuilt screen so I don’t have to muck around using a phone or tablet to drive it. I have the drone fully assembled in a rolling case, and can have it up in the air in under 1 minute.

I definitely do not use them during the ceremony (they make a bit of a buzzing noise), but will often send it up before the ceremony before everyone arrives to get an amazing overview of your ceremony location before anyone is there, and also if we are in the right location in the afternoon, a couple of unique “hero” landscape style shots of you from the air.  I’m super excited for the possibilities this brings to my camera kit!

Below are some samples – please note these images are heavily shrunk & compressed to not make this web page too big, the original full sized files look incredible and print beautifully.

Oh, one last thing. I’ve had a stack of emails from my future couples asking if it’s an extra or not – no, it’s totally inclusive with every wedding I do. The only exceptions are if your wedding is in a no-fly zone (i.e. near an airport). But for most weddings, especially the country orientated ones – it’s game on!

For the tech & camera nerds, yes I’m looking into getting an Inspire 2 – I’m just trying to work out the logistics at the moment.