Chris & Brooke’s Dubbo wedding

What a beautiful place! I went to this lovely Dubbo wedding not really knowing what to expect photo wise. I arrived there the day before and met Chris & Brooke as they showed me around. Once I saw the colours in those fields it was pretty clear where the highlight photos would be.

After the wedding in a beautiful old church we basically just drove into the country side with me furiously honking my horn whenever I saw somewhere that I liked 🙂 We were blessed with beautiful light, backgrounds and of course lets not forget Chris & Brooke who were just a pleasure to be with all day.

Truly one of my favourite weddings ever. I’ve gone very light on the normal getting ready photos & the reception to save space for the outback field photos which I just LOVE! Chris & Brooke were just champions and were up for anything – I seriously think I could have told them to leap into a lake and they’d have considered it.

The nearly 12hrs in return driving – so worth it! I had a blast.




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