With years of experience in fashion photography, one of my strengths is the fun sexy “Little Black Book” shoot.

Please click the PDF file on the right for a detaileboudoirthumbd description & pricing, but basically ;

  • A fun 2-3hr shoot by in a Hotel room and/or an outdoors location in a few sexy outfits.
  • All the files fully edited, retouched and supplied on USB.
  • A stunning sexy black sealed album for you to give to your lucky partner.
  • Professional hair & makeup styling & a stylist throughout the entire shoot.
  • We are a amazing husband and wife team – Gavin does the photography, and Michelle will do your hair & makeup and will be there throughout the entire shoot assisting and making sure you keep looking amazing throughout the shoot with your hair & makeup perfect the whole time!
  • We recommend if you have the right girlfriend(s) to bring them along and we will have a bottle of bubbly there for you and music to get the mood going 🙂


We’ll discuss what you are after beforehand, and I’ll show you some full sample albums to see what sort of shots you are most drawn to. It’s great fun! Some samples below!

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