bendooley in the rain

Ainslie & Tim


Botannica Style Co

Bendooley Estate, Book Barn



Ash Quinn

Michelle Cato

Ainslie & Tim had every weather scenario possible for the February weeding at Bendooley! The day started off with beautiful sunshine, and quickly went from cloudy, to rain, to windy, back to rain. It was just one of those days but just as it was time for the ceremony, the sun came back out!

It was a team Cato day with my wife Michelle doing Ainslies hair and with the weather we were given, was certainly an interesting task! Actually, some of my favourite images from this wedding are when Ainslie’s hair and veil is blowing in the breeze because I love the look of happiness of both of their faces, Ainslie and Tim just had a ball and took it all in their stride. They started the day with a first look over at the homestead cottage before all their guests arrived.

The book barn was magically decorated with an abundant of flowers and candles, making it a true fairytale day.