Bendooley Stables, Southern Highlands

Southern Highlands Wedding Photographer

Bendooley also own a 2nd wedding venue – they call it “The Stables” and architecturally, it is honestly one of the most incredible reception venues I’ve ever seen and one of my favourite places to go.

With the incredible height of the ceilings, the best fireplace in the world ( not joking, its amazing!) and enormous almost floor to ceiling windows that let in so much natural light, it’s absolutely stunning.

It’s not only the actual stables building that is the highlight, but the main ceremony location is in front of 2 enormous wooden doors and is an amazing backdrop, especially when florists and stylists get their creative mittens on and hanging installations! There is a beautiful open field that points square towards sunset which I love, because we all know how much I love my warm, sunset photos! 🙂

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