Ashley & Jamie, Gostwyck Chapel Armidale

Back in 2015, Michelle and I visited some friends that lived in Armidale, high country NSW which was about 7 hours driving time from home. While there we did a little exploring and came across Gostwyck Chapel in Uralla, about 30 mins from Armidale.

This tiny chapel has a capacity of 50-60 people, and the outside is covered in leaves. So any time of year it would just look spectacular, but in the autumn, these amazing reds transform the chapel into wedding photo nirvana! Living so far away I never thought I’d get a chance to shoot a wedding there, so when Ash and Jamie got in touch about having me up there for their day,I was thrilled!

So this first weekend in May, Michelle and I made the 7 hour driving trip to Armidale, for Ash and Jaime’s wedding day. Why didn’t we fly? Because I just bought a new Inspire 2 drone and didn’t want to risk anything happening to it during a flight!!! 🙂 #slightlyParanoid

Upon chatting to the Parish minister there, Reverend Brian Kirk, he said while they get dozens upon dozens of requests from couples all over the country to get married here, the Parish only opens it to locals who live in the area, with preference to being in the Parish community. Rev Kirk said they do approximately half a dozen weddings at Gostwyck a year, which makes it a rare and very special privilege to be there. Out of respect to the Parish wishes, we have chosen not to share images the inside of the chapel.

We did a few quick shots at the forest nearby whilst waiting for the sun to get a bit lower then headed back to the church for some beautiful sunset shots.

The inspire 2 did such an incredible job capturing the detail from the air, and the silent cameras were a hit, as Ash and Jamie have incredible chemistry, they were allowed to be themselves in front of the camera without hearing the click of the camera. It made for some gorgeous natural candid moments, my personal faves when Jamie was being a huge romantic and bought Ash to tears 🙂

To Ash and Jamie,

Thanks so much for having both Michelle and I there for you guys. We hope that you love these images as much as we do. It was honestly on the bucket list to shoot at, and I can now tick that one off! But hopefully, I’ll be back again one day!


gostwyck chapel wedding