Things I love ;

My beautiful wife & kids
Amazing red wine, cheese & truffles
Ridiculously good coffee
Photography & exotic camera lenses
Running & bike riding
Computers & anything tech related
Warm weather, travel & beaches
Scuba diving
Natural, candid photography

Things I hate ;

Bad coffee
Boring & posed unnatural photographs at weddings
Hipster photography such as couples standing in an open field on their wedding day, appearing bored and looking in opposite directions to each other. Give me a break!!!

I'm hopelessly addicted to red wine. I have more camera gear than a small camera store. I've got a coffee machine in my kitchen that should belong in a cafe. Despite the red wine & coffee addiction, I'm passionate about fitness and run & bike a lot during the week.

I'm incredibly happily married with my beautiful wife Michelle and have 3 amazing children, Joshua, Georgia & Chelsea.

I'll never grow tired of taking photographs. It's part of me. There's nearly always a camera nearby, ready to go. I'm obsessed with camera lenses and own lenses back from the early 1960's to current. I'm always trying out new gear to keep my brain ticking over, and to get different looks in photographs.

I've been photographing weddings for a little over 10 years. Before that I was a computer engineer. It might sound cliche but I truly love what I do. It's rare that you get to something you love so much. It's just incredible and I'm always massively excited heading out to a wedding. If you like the look of my photographs on my website, please get in touch. I'd love to make you a (hopefully amazing) coffee and have a chat about me being at your wedding!