The enthusiasm by Tolsa & Tahlia was evident before the day even started. In the months leading up to the day, I chatted with Tolsa several times about the details of the day & their incredible interest in having great photographs had me hugely excited to drive the 4 hour trek to Wagga Wagga to be shooting it.

This wedding was just a joy to shoot from beginning to end.

We started the day at the uber cool Ross C’s barber shop where Tolsa was prepped and polished to perfection by Ross himself for the day. It was a truly great way for the guys to relax and enjoy the morning and it made a really cool backdrop for the grooms preparation photos.

From there I went to see Tahlia and the girls and was immediately in awe of Talia’s stunning (and heavy!!) wedding dress – The details in the dress of the lace and beads was just amazing- I can only hope the pictures do it justice!

The ceremony was held at St Michaels Cathedral- a beautiful church with a history dating back to 1885. The vast ceilings, the lead lighting, and the architecture made a stunning backdrop.

The reception was held at Brucedale Estate and it was cleverly styled in the wedding theme of black and red, where the tables were adorned with pomegranates! I particularly loved the outdoor dance floor where their friends and family celebrated into the night!

I honestly could have taken photographs of these two wonderful people for hours on end as they genuinely put their heart and soul into working with me to produce the most amazing pictures you’ll see below.  And believe me, picking out a small number of shots from the day for this blog entry was an absolute battle. So many wonderful images were not included and it was painful to cut it down!

After driving the 4 hour south west trip to Wagga Wagga from Wollongong and shooting all day, you’d think I’d be tired come the end of the reception – But at the end of the night, I was so pumped by how amazing I knew these shots were going to be, that I drove home the same night, getting home about 4am and talking my wife’s ear off about how amazing the day was!  I kicked off the computer copying all 3 cameras when I got home, and was up again at 7am looking through them. I couldn’t wait!

A huge thanks to Tolsa and Tahlia for being so awesome and for having me to capture their amazing day!

tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0002 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0003 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0004 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0005 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0006 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0007 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0008 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0009 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0010 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0011 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0012 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0013 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0016 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0017 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0018 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0019 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0020 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0021 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0022 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0023 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0024 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0025 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0026 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0027 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0028 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0030 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0031 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0032 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0033 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0034 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0035 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0036 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0037 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0038 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0039 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0040 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0042 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0043 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0044 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0045 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0046 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0047 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0049 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0051 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0053 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0054 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0055 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0056 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0060 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0061 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0062 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0063 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0064 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0065 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0066 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0067 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0068 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0069 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0070 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0071 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0072 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0073 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0074 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0075 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0076 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0077 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0078 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0079 tahlia_tolsa_wagga_wagga_wedding_0080