Whenever I have my camera I am always looking to capture something simple, & natural. I am not a “posed” photographer and strive to capture images that are authentic and will bring you back to the memories of your wedding day.

I’m committed to capturing the full story of your wedding and would prefer to be there for the majority of the day. I work discreetly in the background for the majority of the day, enjoying the experience of your wedding day and a most definitely not an obtrusive photographer who wishes he was doing other things. I love weddings and always head off to each wedding genuinely looking forward to the day ahead. Photographing weddings is my passion in life and I’m so lucky to have found this.

I’m not a marketing or sales guy. I hope that my photography does all the talking for me. Please take a look around my site and if you like what you see please get in touch, I’d love to chat about your day, your plans & ideas.

I’m based near Wollongong, NSW. If you live in Sydney, I’m often up your way to meet. If you are interstate or overseas, lets chat on the phone or skype. Lets make this happen.

Every couple that I am fortunate enough to shoot your wedding gets all the full resolution files on disc, fully edited and ready to print free of any watermarks or copyright restrictions. I primarily use digital medium format which is a significant step up from digital slr’s in picture quality. File sizes are enormous (51 megapixel) and can be printed to any conceivable size.