Do you take hipster photos?

No I don’t! This means your wedding photographs will actually have you looking happy in them, and not looking bored/asleep/depressed on your wedding day. I take photographs full of happiness and emotion, and this incredibly boring fad of hipster photography will be surely gone in a few years.

You don’t want to look back on your wedding photographs in 20 years and wonder why you look bored in them do you? 🙂

Describe your photography?

I’m a super candid photographer. Most of the day is completely documentary style. I shoot a TON of photographs throughout the day and aim to get every moment in front of me. I’m obsessive about the equipment used and use the very best available to me, with stunning lenses that are full of warm colour & stunning background rendering.

In the “location shoot” between the ceremony & reception I’ll set you guys up against beautiful backdrops, but I keep the photography super natural, with stacks of laughter and involving your bridal party.

I very, very rarely use flash and 99.9% of all my photographs are completely natural light, and carefully edited to give warm skin tones & beautiful vibrant colours.

Being an ex computer engineer, I’m very technically minded and I thrive on having different challenges thrown my way – for example difficult lighting.

Where are you based at?

I’m based near Wollongong, NSW but thats just where I live 🙂 I travel everywhere for weddings! Most of my weddings are at country style properties & vineyards and so on.  I fly & drive long distances all the time for wedddings.

Is this a full time job?

Yes, and for over 10 years and hundreds of weddings now! I’m super experienced.

Are my photographs safe?

Prior to shooting weddings I was a computer engineer and worked in data centres in Sydney. Computers & computer backups are my thing! I’ve never lost a file in all my weddings, and have backups of backups of backups. With a 100mbit link in my home office, your photos are whisked off to offsite cloud storage the night of your wedding when I get back. Even if my house was to burn down your photos would still be safe.

How long after the wedding until I get my photographs, and how do I get them?

You get your carefully edited photos on both an online gallery plus USB about 3-4 weeks after the wedding. The online gallery & USB both have the full high resolution files – print size.

What size are the files?

There is an alarming trend going on in wedding circles where a lot of photographers downsize their files for couples both to fit them on smaller USB’s and because they don’t think wedding photography needs big files. I consider this complete nonsense and you get the absolute maximum resolution of whatever camera I am using at the time. At the moment, my 2 main cameras are 42 megapixels each, and my 3rd camera is 51 megapixel. You get the FULL size. Go and print them as big as you like!